Cheers to a Brighter Future: Ted Danson Champions Psoriasis Progress with BMS

Unlocking New Horizons in Psoriasis Treatment with Ted Danson and Bristol Myers Squibb

Ted Danson - Bristol Myers Squibb

Ted Danson, renowned for his roles in iconic TV series such as “Cheers” and “The Good Place,” has embarked on a significant collaboration with pharmaceutical giant Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) to illuminate the journey of plaque psoriasis patients towards better health. Having been personally affected by psoriasis since the age of 25, Danson is leveraging his experience and platform to spearhead the “SO, Have You Found It?” campaign. This initiative aims to shed light on the comprehensive impact of psoriasis, encompassing the physical discomfort, emotional distress, and social challenges that sufferers often endure.

The collaboration with BMS positions Danson as the leading figure in a broader dialogue about psoriasis, its profound effects on individuals’ lives, and the transformative potential of effective treatment options. The campaign is an extension of BMS’s ongoing efforts to engage and educate the public about psoriasis through direct-to-consumer advertising, building upon the “Found It” campaign initiated in the previous year.

A pivotal element of this campaign is a compelling four-minute video featuring Danson in conversation with a psoriasis patient who has experienced significant relief with Sotyktu, BMS’s therapeutic offering for the condition. Although Danson himself does not use Sotyktu, he shares candid insights into his personal struggles with psoriasis, highlighting the often-underestimated emotional and social toll of the condition.

Danson’s reflections on the isolating and frustrating aspects of living with psoriasis are poignant. He recounts the lengths to which he went to conceal his condition, avoiding situations like swimming or spa visits, out of fear and embarrassment. This narrative underscores the common misconceptions and trivialization of psoriasis, which belies the deeper physical and psychological implications of the disease.

The campaign takes a hopeful turn as the discussion shifts towards the possibilities of targeted treatment. The patient, Emily, shares her transformative experience with Sotyktu, which offered her not just symptomatic relief but a newfound sense of liberation and well-being. This personal testimony aligns with the campaign’s overarching message of empowerment and the potential for individuals with psoriasis to regain control over their lives with the right treatment.

The initiative is part of a broader industry movement to highlight the multifaceted impact of psoriasis on quality of life. Other pharmaceutical companies, like Almirall and Amgen, have also undertaken creative endeavors to bring attention to the life-altering effects of psoriasis, from drama series to impactful advertisements.

BMS’s strategic focus on Sotyktu, especially following its acquisition of Celgene and the divestiture of Otezla, underscores the company’s commitment to advancing psoriasis treatment. With FDA approval secured in 2022 and notable global sales, BMS is optimistic about Sotyktu’s growing role in the therapeutic landscape for psoriasis, anticipating a significant increase in prescriptions and patient reach in the coming year.


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